Mamakite: Bad Juju!


English: Kite surfers off Long Beach, California

English: Kite surfers off Long Beach, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sting Ray

Long Beach – Wind: 20 mph. Let’s go!
Mamakite pumped her kite, put her gear on, walked a few meters in the water…..
– And Bang Bang: Stung by a sting ray.
After a few hours and a few excellent boards, Mamakite went back to the beach looking for space to land her kite.
A cute guy approached her with his kite up (Thirteen meters with extension) and started to talk for a few seconds looking into Mamakite’s eyes.
– And BoomBoom: both kites tangled.
That was a first one for Mamakite.
Mamakite’s Bad Juju: Sometimes you need to know when you have to stop kitting!

Kite Surfing with your cat?


Kite Surfing with your cat?

San Diego Dogs’ beach, San Diego Dogs Surfing, San Diego Dogs taking surf lessons ($40 per session), and what about cats?

Cats are capable of a lot of more than you might think.
That why Mamakite is always looking for new ways to train her cat “Lulu” and unlock her true potential.
Reality Check:
It is not going to happen tomorrow….