What to do?


What to do?

You know what?
Still no wind at San Diego…So  Mamakite started her online business. Join her and check it out at:


Thinking of WordPress.com for Your Business?

The WordPress.com Blog

Many of you use WordPress.com as a platform for your personal blogs, but it can also be your online home for your business. We have tools and features to help you establish a professional web presence, and support when you have questions. Erica Varlese, WordPress.com Business Support Lead

Meet Erica Varlese, Happiness Engineer and Support Lead for WordPress.com Business. Erica is a New York-based writer, customer service maven, dog lover, and espresso fiend. Since 2011, she’s helped nearly thirty thousand WordPress.com users via email, forums, live chat, and in-person at conferences and WordCamps. We asked Erica for her tips on using WordPress.com for business, getting the support you need, and dos and don’ts.

What advice would you give someone who wants to use WordPress.com to create a site for their business?

For many businesses, the focus is on building a standard website, not a blog. WordPress.com is great for blogging, and flexible enough to use…

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Mamakite: Bad Juju!


English: Kite surfers off Long Beach, California

English: Kite surfers off Long Beach, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sting Ray

Long Beach – Wind: 20 mph. Let’s go!
Mamakite pumped her kite, put her gear on, walked a few meters in the water…..
– And Bang Bang: Stung by a sting ray.
After a few hours and a few excellent boards, Mamakite went back to the beach looking for space to land her kite.
A cute guy approached her with his kite up (Thirteen meters with extension) and started to talk for a few seconds looking into Mamakite’s eyes.
– And BoomBoom: both kites tangled.
That was a first one for Mamakite.
Mamakite’s Bad Juju: Sometimes you need to know when you have to stop kitting!

Kite Surfing with your cat?


Kite Surfing with your cat?

San Diego Dogs’ beach, San Diego Dogs Surfing, San Diego Dogs taking surf lessons ($40 per session), and what about cats?

Cats are capable of a lot of more than you might think.
That why Mamakite is always looking for new ways to train her cat “Lulu” and unlock her true potential.
Reality Check:
It is not going to happen tomorrow….